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Swimming glasses

Why swimming glasses? Well they have a sentimental value to me ? my granddad, who died a year ago, bought them to me when I was just a little boy. Can?t really remember how old I was ? maybe I was around 10 or so, but I am not sure even of that.

Well these glasses have been with me for a long time anyway. They have traveled a long way too ? farthest point was Italy, where I had the change to use them. They also have been to Austria, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, but I ain?t sure have they been to the water in each of these countries.

Also they have gone from hand to hand because I have lent them a lot to my friends ? maybe it goes up to 30 people. You can imagine how many times the swimming glasses have been lost to the different waters that they have been in ? yes, many times. I have lost them and my friends have lost them also, but so far we have always found them again after a various time of searching.

The glasses have been with me for a quite a long time now?

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