On the stairs of a train station: A short contact with a stranger. A look into the eye? Giving way? Walking straight? In the park: Staying? Participating? Observing? Every day we take endless decisions. How do we communicate with our environment? Within a split second we decide how to act or communicate, to like or dislike someone, to stay or to leave. One look tells more than a hundred words.

"Silent City" was an intercultural city theater project at wannseeFORUM  in October 2011, attended by 25 young people from Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Estonia and Germany. The main topic was body language in cross-cultural communities. 
The young people participated in movement and theater workshops, explored diverse forms of communication during excursions to the city center, staged a final performance at Breitscheid-square in Berlin and blogged their experiences on citycontact.eu.

"Silent City" was a collaboration between Berlin wannseeFORUM and dottland e.V.Pistes Solidaires MarseilleContinuous Action Tallinn, University Canakkale 18 Mart and Youth Center Haskovo. It was funded by the EU program "Youth in Action".