Paradise 2010

What are Paradise 2010 + Paradise City?

"Paradise 2010" and "Paradise City" are the two parts of a project that started in July and ended in December 2010 in Berlin.

With a focus on intercultural communication the project engages with different media, city life and social differences while respecting and integrating the individuality and the different backgrounds of the youths.

In small international groups the participants searched for, documented and staged small paradises - little happy situations - in the everyday life in neighbourhoods of their hometowns Tallinn, Canakkale, Palermo, Marseille, and Berlin as the starting point for an intercultural dialogue.

An accompanying part for their performances, staging and interviewing in the city context have been big coloured letters of the word "paradise". In the end of the project they created little concrete sculptures - small pieces of "street-furniture", shaped like the "paradise" letters - and organised a "Paradise City" media exhibition in Berlin.

"Paradise 2010" and "Paradise City" belong to the "City Contact" youth meetings. They were initiated by dottland and supported by "Youth in Action".