"Dreams in a Wasted City" was a creative intercultural youth project at TheaterSpielRaum Berlin in September 2012, attended by 20 young people from Turkey, France, Poland and Germany. The main topic of the project was the perception and reflection of cities as resource consuming systems, also as self-consuming systems, and the artistic handling of the issue.

The young collected "signs and traces of consumption" in their hometowns and in the city of Berlin. They transformed the collected material in various workshops into artistic products, such as sculptures, furnitures, scenery, characters, puppets, and musical instruments. All of those were used in a theater performance on 28 and 29 September 2012 at Circus Schatzinsel Berlin. The young blogged their experiences on citycontact.eu.

"Dreams in a Wasted City" was a collaboration between Berlin Theaterb├╝ndnis Blumenstrau├č e.V., dottland e.V., Pistes Solidaires Marseille, Centrum Woluntariatu Kielcach and University Canakkale 18 Mart. It was funded by the EU program "Youth in Action".