The "City Talk Canakkale" project took place in Canakkale between 23 - 30 October 2011. The project was one of the youth exchanges of "City Contact Cycle" project, which is a group of exchanges in different countries like Estonia, Turkey, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Germany. The main idea of the "City Talks" is helping youngsters to feel the cities, cultures and express their experiences comparing with the places they belong to.
In "City Talk Canakkale" youngsters used different medias and techniques as tool (photos, texts, sounds etc.) The symbol which was called "Fountain of Smile" was searched throughout the streets of Canakkale, and youngsters went on field trips to select public places in Çanakkale acting as a kind of "culture-journalist”.

Participants exchanged their experiences in separated group dialogues and presentations, including their impressions and talked about comparisons to their places of residence, their history and culture. In workshops, the young people learned or deepen their knowledge. "City Talk Canakkale" was a collaboration between University Canakkale 18 Mart and dottland e.V.Pistes SolidairesContinuous Action, and CeSIE. It was funded by the EU program "Youth in Action".